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​  Project  

The project focuses specifically on Birmingham communities and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, looking into the legacies and impacts of the major sporting events, which entails two Phases.

Phase I
(May 2022-Feb 2023)  

Phase One of the research project aimed at understanding the issues, asking the research questions of ‘legacy of what’ and ‘for whom?’. Funded by UKRI (Economic and Social Research Council), Siemens, the Russell Partnership Collection, and the University of Birmingham, we investigated what ‘legacy’ really means to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and examined their perceived legacy needs and barriers to event engagement.

Phase II
(March 2023-Feb 2024)

Building from Phase One, Phase Two of the project will focus on identifying the solutions, in terms of ensuring that future major events can enhance local disadvantaged communities and individuals’ sport participation, well-being, and quality of life. Effectively, this Phase of the project aims to contribute to the inequality agenda and inform the bidding of future major events.

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